Brandon Burrows - Food Scientist | Chef | Professor

In this episode I chat with Brandon Burrows, a Food Scientist, Chef, and Professor(among other things...his skill set is expansive).

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Currently Brandon is the principal food scientist for Cargill and essentially 'get’s paid to play with food’. He see himself dealing with everything from harvest to the plate.

I initially wanted to chat with Brandon because of his connection to Texas A & M and Barbecue Summer Camp/Brisket Camp. I knew he spoke at these events and knew his focus was poultry and seasoning trends, but didn't realize his whole story and his incredible food knowledge.

We talk about how he became a food scientist from the very early days, his time catering extensive well crafted meals, to a deep dive into salt, pepper, marinades, rubs, BBQ sauces and more.

I know that you are really going to enjoy this for SO many reasons and leave with a greater understanding about food in general and barbecue.