Daniel Vaughn - Texas Monthly Magazine - 3 Interviews

I have been fortunate to have interviewed Daniel Vaughn, the BBQ Editor for Texas Monthly Magazine, 3 times so far for my show. Our first chat was almost 3 1/2 years ago. He was my second interview for my fledgling YouTube Show. Once I actually figured out how to create a podcast I converted the old ones(including this one) into podcast form and have since created both YouTube and Podcast versions of almost every episode. I still very much like for you to get a chance to see the people I am interviewing, that way if you see them out in the real world(some day soon I hope) you'll recognize them and hopefully know them a bit more than before.

Our first interview covered his path in depth and went live just as the 2017 Texas Monthly Top 50 list was going out to the masses(a good portion of the end of the interview covers the process they go through in picking the top 50). We talked about his Full Custom Gospel BBQ days, which eventually took him from a career in architecture to working at Texas Monthly and discussed how he connected with the late Anthony Bourdain for the publication of his first book, The Prophets of Smoked Meat: A Journey Through Texas Barbecue. It really is one of my favorite interviews because it gives you a better understanding, I believe, of who Daniel is and why he is the perfectly suited person to be BBQ Editor.

For our second discussion I tapped him to provide a BBQ City Guide for Dallas where he talked about both new and old locations(note that of course the selection has grown immensely since our talk, but it's super informative). Our last interview was a '10 Minutes With' where we talked about his new book(at the time) with the great Sam Jones entitled Whole Hog BBQ: The Gospel of Carolina Barbecue with Recipes from Skylight Inn and Sam Jones BBQ.

I can't thank him enough for sharing time from his busy schedule to chat with this kid from California with a deep passion for the barbecue world.

My 1st Interview with Daniel Vaughn - YouTube version:

My first interview with Daniel Vaughn - podcast version:

BBQ City Guide - Dallas by Daniel Vaughn YouTube version:

BBQ City Guide - Dallas by Daniel Vaughn - Podcast version:

10 Minutes with Daniel Vaughn - YouTube version:

Here's the podcast version: