Drew Brahs - Harper Barbecue - Costa Mesa, CA | Interview

In this episode I am lucky enough to chat with Drew Brahs from Harper Barbecue in Costa Mesa, California.

See Harper Barbecue on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/harperbarbecue

Info on their Hibatchi Grills

  • 11 x 15 - $ 350
  • 16 x 18 - $ 450
  • 16 x 36 - $ 800 (the largest with 2 grates AND a flat top)

Current lead time as of airing for pits on trailers is 8-10 months and 4-5 months on backyard pits(you should check via DM though). They will be launching the website shortly with our hibachis and fire pits, so continue to follow them on Instagram for updates.

My conversation with Drew was great. This was essentially 'the unintentional business that became this...' He and his partner Brian have been cranking out pits for the likes of The Offset Barbecue(https://www.instagram.com/theoffsetbbq/) who bought Harper's first pit on Craigslist, Helberg Barbecue(https://www.instagram.com/helbergbarbecue), Herc's Barbecue(https://www.instagram.com/hercsbarbecue), Holy Trinity Barbecue(https://www.instagram.com/holytrinitybarbecue), Breakwater Barbecue(https://www.instagram.com/breakwaterbarbecue), Republic Craft Barbecue(https://www.instagram.com/republicue_), 3rd Degree BBQ(https://www.instagram.com/3rd_degree_bbq/), Neighbors BBQ(https://www.instagram.com/neighbors_barbecue), Heritage Craft Barbecue( https://www.instagram.com/heritagebarbecue/), Johnnys BBQ(https://www.instagram.com/johnnysbarbeque), and Horn Barbecue(https://www.instagram.com/hornbarbecue).

He grew up in the Costa Mesa/Newport area and worked in a fish market in the early days(gained a ton of knowledge through this), went to military school, then through a number of detours started welding pits, which turned into this business.

He goes in depth about their upcoming brick and mortar(opening around mid 2021) which sounds incredible. Along with insane Central Texas style there will be smoked fish on the menu as well as smoked oysters(he's bee a fisherman his whole life). Also, he is planning on having steak nights and a creative bar menu on the days they are open into the evening. Right now they are shooting for being open 4-5 days a week.

Cool Facts: History of costa mesa https://www.costamesaca.gov/about/history