Eric Wech - FatStack Smokers - Sun Valley, CA

In this episode I get a chance to Eric Wech from FatStack Smokers based out of Sun Valley, California.

I first met Erik at one of Burt Bakman’s underground BBQ pop ups a few years ago. In Burt's backyard and we talked for a while about barbecue, pits, and got deeply into the subject of welding. We discuss business in the time of the pandemic. It's actually been better now because so many people are cooking at home. Selling a lot of the smaller models.

He was born in Michigan and grew up with a woodworking shop at his house. He's always been a woodworker. We talk Lego and hamsters too. He got into welding by necessity. Doing things cheaply because of a lack of funds. This grew into a career because he was hooked.

We talk about how FatStack came about and his connection to his business partner Steve Vartazarian(who is also a lawyer and owns The Brothers Sushi in Woodland Hills).

They offer a 36” and 48" Backyard 'Octo' Pits, a 90 gallon and 110 gallon for the home AND a 120 gallon tank smoker that is similar to the 500 and 1000 gallon ones. They also offer sizes of 250, 288, 500, 750 and 1000 gallon. A cool option is the Firebox griddle top.

Their current lead time is 5-6 months and you can go on their site to buy pits, but the custom ones you must inquire about.

We also discussed this museum: Nethercutt Collection