How to Order Howlin' Rays From Postmates

UPDATE | May 31, 2020: We are hearing from numerous people that the delivery radius has been expanded to at least 5.5 miles. If you are a mile or two past this delivery radius we recommend giving it a try. You may get lucky.

Additional, because once your sandwich leaves Howlin' Rays they don't have complete control of how long it takes to get to you, people have been ordering the sandwich WITHOUT pickles and slaw AND ordering those items on the side. That way you can add those items when you receive and the slight chance you get a soggy sandwich.

Photo of a Howlin' delivery taken by @thingswithnikki

May 19, 2020: You've heard the rumors for months AND then all of a sudden over the weekend you start seeing the Instagram posts roll through your feed; the incredible and wonderfully familiar hot chicken sandwich nestled in someones hand for the perfect shot or perhaps the white to-go box with the stark red letters spelling out 'Howlin'. People were somehow getting their hands on Howlin' Rays!

So, yes, Howlin' Ray's is set up for delivery through Postmates, BUT how do you get it delivered to you? The short answer(or maybe it's the long answer), keep refreshing this LINK between the hours of 11AM and 7PM Tuesday through Saturday.

At press time the wait to get through and actually be able to order online was anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours(depending on the day of the week and time of the day). Believe me, we tested throughout over a three day period. Just keep at it because you will eventually get through. You'll know that your are completely good to go when you click on a specific item and it allows you to 'add item to cart'. Also note that you can't order a day ahead of time. You can only order within the designated business hours and note that if you are outside the delivery radius it will NEVER let you order.

How far are they delivering? Per Howlin' they are working on a 'small radius nearby, which is about 2.5 miles. This radius will be expanded as the kitchen can accommodate more orders AND will also be expanded wider in the future as we fine tune our systems and processes.' We have heard of people slightly beyond the 2.5 mile radius, so it doesn't hurt to give it a shot if you are within 4-5 miles.

You can't get the usual six standard heat options for the Sando, but you do get to choose(and really, they are delivering this to your house) from Country(no heat at all), Mild(brush of heat), Medium(feel the burn) and Hot(burn, baby, burn (WARNING very spicy)). Additionally you can ask for no pickles, sauce, or slaw...but why would you?

Here's the entire delivery menu:

Wings are available in the above 4 sauces as well as Vinegar Slaw, Macaroni Salad, and Collard Greens. Also, you can scoop up some of their 'comeback sauce' and/or a cup of pickles.

PHASE TWO of their rollout 'will continue with extended Postmates availability throughout all of LA and beyond. PHASE TWO availability will tentatively include: PASADENA, WEHO & SFV(all dates, details etc will be announced as the story develops).'

Lastly, PHASE THREE they will 'potentially expand to reach SOUTH LA, BEACH CITIES & OC but pls plssssss be patient with us while we put all of this into place, just know we are working hard to get to your neighborhood ASAP'.

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