JQ'S Tex Mex BBQ - Houston, Texas - In 50 Photos

Here are 50 photos from JQ'S Tex Mex BBQ in Houston, Texas. If this collection of photos doesn't blow you away and of course make you hungry, I really don't know what to say.

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Open-faced smoked barbacoa taco:
Crispy Oaxaca, aguachile con aguacate, and pickled reds

Photo by Gabe Ramirez

Vegan Taco with Lentils, Barley, Mushrooms,
Sauteed with Shallot Garlic and a Vegetable Base

Crispy carnitas and birria de res quesitacos

Smoked Birria "Mexican Pizza"

Owner Joseph Quellar

Smoked Barbacoa Taco

Diablo Bomber Street Tacos: Smoked prime brisket
and cream cheese bacon wrapped popper.

Photo of Joseph by Ministers of Smoke

Open-faced crispy pork belly taco with serrano lime crema, house-pickled reds, and their signature habanero yellow bird sauce in gooey Oaxaca.

Smoked Brisket Picadillo Colombian Empanadas