Justin Clemons - That Photo School - Flocc Studio

Justin Clemons is an incredibly talented, highly prolific, and immensely passionate photographer that started one of the best online schools (that focuses on the subject of lighting) called That Photo School, and is co-owner and founder of Flocc Studio in Dallas. His website/portfolio can be checked out HERE.

I recently sat down for an interview where he discusses his journey to become a photographer as well as both his class (which is really a community) That Photo School AND his creative space Flocc Studio.

You can see our chat here:

That Photo School is not just an online course to learn about lighting and photography and be on your way. It's a community that Justin has created that is thriving. Of course, there is a wealth of information of knowledge, videos, and interviews with experts on the That Photo School website, but what sets this course apart are the critiques (done every few weeks or so via zoom) and Tuesday meet-ups (on zoom too) that provide a way to get to know your fellow students who are similarly excited about photography as you are. Additionally, there is a private Facebook group HERE for members where they can interact, show work, ask questions (about lighting, photography, or even pricing out jobs). It is truly unique and something special to be a part of. Join the waiting list HERE.

If I lived in or near Dallas I would join Flocc Studio. Justin is the founder and co-owner of this workspace that galvanizes creatives. Per the website, "We are a workspace in Oak Cliff who caters specifically to creatives. An inspiring space where people can work independently or collaborate with others. We welcome creative disciplines of all types: Photographers, Designers (interior, graphic, fashion), Architects, Videographers, Illustrators, Art/Creative Directors, Makers (as long as it’s not too loud or smelly), Stylists, Visual Artists, Writers, etc."

Flocc Studio is membership-based, however, there are options to visit and use for a small fee or even free of charge. You can contact them for details and see additional information HERE. You can also see a list of their diverse group of members HERE.

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