Magilla's BBQ @ Mt. Lowe Brewing - My COMPLETE Experience

I visited the fantastic BBQ pop-up, Magilla's BBQ at Mt. Lowe Brewing Company in Arcadia the other day and filmed my entire visit. You get a chance to see the brewing, meat slicing, plating, and the finished product in detail.

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I am not always a sauce guy, but with Magilla's you DO NOT want to miss out on their scratch made sauces. They are amazing. Here’s the description on the sauces. One is an Ancho Fig and preserve sauce, a little on the sweet side with mild ancho Peppers and a little tang from the apple cider vinegar. The other is a blend of five Chile peppers that include ancho, poblano and pasilla with roasted jalapeños and habanero peppers for added heat. Also, for the sides, the Mac and cheese is a blend of five cheeses with a heavy dose of cheddar all added to our scratch made Béchamel sauce and topped with smoked hickory bacon and panko bread crumbs.  Tomato cucumber corn salad is made with grilled corn to bring out the sweetness and our house made cilantro lime and red wine dressing. Seasoned with salt, fresh ground pepper and other spices. Lastly our Pit Beans are inspired from the bbq we had in KC. They are navy beans smoked along side our meats with a Chipotle chilies and generous amounts of brisket added. Do yourself a favor and visit. You won't be disappointed.

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