Michael Keskin - Bark City BBQ - Portland, Oregon

In this episode I chat with Michael Keskin from Bark City BBQ in Portland, Oregon.

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  • Hours: Thursday - Sunday
  • 11am - 7pm

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We talk about his journey, living across the country in many different places before settling on Oregon and eventually Portland.

We discuss his menu in depth and how he came up with the name Bark City BBQ(hint Rip City and bark for both wood and brisket) and we get into a ton of different specials which are much different than other BBQ spots and extremely creative.

We talk about how he truly wants to make Portland a BBQ hub and it's working with getting notice from the likes of Daniel Vaughn and David Landsel. We also go into what it's been like since the pandemic hit and how he has pivoted, adjusted the menu, and even moved his cart to a better area with 13-14 other food pods.