Scott Schaefer | Director of Special Events | The Resort at Paws Up - Montana

In this episode I chat with Scott Schaefer, the Director of Special Events at The Resort at Paws Up in Greenough, Montana. Essentially a national park contained on private property.

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The property is 60 square miles or 37,000 acres. The property has been the site of a working Angus ranch for over a century (and still is one), and the family bought it approximately 25 years ago. It features 6 camps, 38 different homes, and they are working on an island and an adult's only resort. To visit you fly into Missoula.

This was recorded early into the pandemic, right before Montana Master Grillers(this year Sheldon Mason and Evan LeRoy). We talk about Scott's background, how he came to work at The Resort at Paws Up, but mostly we chat about the property, it's history, and the incredible events(BBQ and live fire) that are put on year round with the likes of Charlie McKenna, Andy Husbands, Wayne Mueller, Sam Huff, Erin and Patrick Feges, and many, many more.

Some of the Upcoming Events and links to past events:

Pitmaster - July 10th - 12th Featuring Chefs and Authors Chris Hart and Andy Husbands

Live Fire Legends - July 10th - 12th Featuring Chefs and Authors Chris Hart and Andy Husbands

Campire Chefs - August 20th - 23rd

Montana Master Grillers (2020)

Live Fire Legends (2020)

From the Archives, Montana Master Grillers (2019)

Montana Master Grillers (2021)

Video for Montana Master Grillers

If you are a chef or pitmaster interested in participating in one of these events you can email Scott here:| His episode on Eat More Barbecue podcast:

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