Simon Majumdar - Eat My Globe Podcast - 10 Minutes With Interview

In this episode I chat with Simon Majumdar, the Host of the Eat My Globe Podcast: Things you didn't know, you didn't know about food. He is currently up to Season 4 and we get deeply into the podcast itself and the work and prep that goes into it. Some of my favorite ones are the History of Gin, History of Beef(it's in two parts), History of Cheese, and the 'Last meal served on the Titanic'. Who am I kidding though, the are ALL worth listening to and I promise you, listening will make you smarter. We also go into what a Gentleman Amateur is, Guy's Tournament of Champions, Chef Carl Ruiz, Anthony Bourdain, bread making, growing scallions in water, his morning walks. how things are similar now to when bubonic plague hit Europe, how restaurants are being resourceful, what it might look like when restaurants do open up again, the National Theatre in London(, and everything in between. I dare say you'll get smarter listening to this too. Charities:

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