The Blake's B&T - Blake's BBQ - Martin, Tennessee

June 9, 2020

In my recent interview with Blake Stoker from Blake's BBQ in Martin, Tennessee HERE for 'Behind the BBQ Front Lines' he talks about the Bubba Cole sandwich(at around the 21:45 mark) AND the quick meal that he has right before his BBQ trailer opens each day for business(Wednesday - Friday 11:00 - Sold Out / Saturday 10:30 - Sold Out)

The Bubba Cole

The original Bubba Cole from Martin, Tennessee is a broiche bun with a 1/4 lb. of brisket, a 1/4 lb. of turkey, and a heaping pile of pimento cheese(you can add sauce and/or pickled onions, pickles, jalapenos) . It was named after his contractor, Bubba, who is working on his brick and mortar and Cole Parkman.

Here's a new version of the Bubba Cole from the Redwood Smoke Shack in Norfolk, Virginia:

Kyle Stallings from Rollin Smoke in Austin did his take on the Bubba Cole.

This delicious 'snack' that Blake eats EVERY day is now called Blake's B&T. For this he takes a slice of brisket and a slice of turkey and puts them onto a piece of white bread(sometimes he puts a slice on top) and drizzles some of his BBQ sauce on it. This halfwich or folder-over(or maybe a wrap) is simple, but as Blake says, very satisfying.

Here is Blake's version:

As things go these days the Blake's B&T(the marriage of a slice of brisket and a slice of turkey put together to compliment each other) started sweeping the nation. Below are BBQ spots and folks in the BBQ world have sent Blake of their Blake's B&T creation. If you have your own, please send it to Blake or I and I'll add it to this growing list.

Joe Melig IV from 2M Smokehouse's version
Tyler Hodge with his take on it
Convenience West shows their twist on a sandwich

To check out my ongoing piece documenting Blake's brick & mortar location go HERE.

Here's my original interview with Blake:

Here's the interview where he get's in the Blake's B&T and the Bubba Cole.