The Bubba Cole from Blake's BBQ in Martin TN Continues to Sweep the Nation

Blake Stoker, owner and fire-maker at Blake's BBQ in Martin, Tennessee, is one of the best examples of why I, and so many others, love the barbecue world. The food(the barbecue, sides, desserts, etc.) brings the masses into BBQ joints across the nation. Be it that epiphany of having brisket from Franklin Barbecue for the first time after waiting 4 hours in the cold or that chopped beef or pork sandwich at the off-the-beaten path spot that feels like a cozy hooded jacket you found in your closet that had been missing for half the year. But if you get REALLY get into barbecue like I have you realize that there are a lot of fantastic souls who share the same passion for the food and the camaraderie for the hard work and 'craft' of it all. Blake is one of those fantastic souls.

Even though he was from Tennessee, Blake fell in love hard with Central Texas style barbecue. If you want to get to know Blake a bit, I have interviewed him twice. Once HERE in July of 2019 and the second HERE in May of 2020 where we discuss a sandwich he created called the Bubba Cole.

The original Bubba Cole from Martin, Tennessee beast of a sandwich. It comes on a broiche bun with a 1/4 lb. of brisket, a 1/4 lb. of turkey, and a heaping pile of scratch-made pimento cheese(you can add sauce and/or pickled onions, pickles, jalapenos) . It was named after his contractor, Bubba, who is working on his brick and mortar and Cole Parkman.

It's really a genius of an idea. Turkey and brisket are best friends when put together and the addition of pimento cheese really takes it to next level deliciousness. So of course folks across the nation decided to try their spin on it. I document those iterations as well as the more slimmed down version called the Blake's B&T HERE.

Bradley Robinson from Chud's BBQ just dropped his a SAUSAGE version of the Bubba Cole. You can see the video below and be sure to check out everything on the Chud's BBQ Channel. Easily one of the best BBQ related YouTube channels in existence.

Blakes BBQ is located 312 N Lindell St, Martin, TN 38237 and is open Wednesday through Saturday from 11 to sold out(they ope at 10:30 on Saturdays).