The Knives of Jess Timmons - Cherry Block - Houston, TX

As you know, I asked A LOT of BBQ joints and their owners about what knives they use and I got a lot of fun answers, but none were as passionate or as detailed as the one from Jess Timmons from Cherry Block in Houston, Texas. Since it was on the longer side I figured I would give it its own post, which of course it deserves. Here it is in her own words:

Hey you. I have several that I use for different applications. My boning/butchering knife is a custom made by Dewclaw Knives in NOLA. I also have a 5” petty knife by him that I use for detail work on animals. My everyday chef knife/workhorse is a Japanese made Fujiwara at 180mm.

I keep a Kramer 8” at home for quick work when I don’t want to pull out my whole knife roll. I keep an Opinel folding knife in my handbag that is at least 15 yrs old. It’s saved many meals. I used it to cut up a hog at the 2nd Foodways Symposium bc there were no knives on the tables for service. Hahaha (I’m a total knife nerd….)

So the boning knife is one that I had made because every single boning knife is black handled. I’m always a stand out... It was my second knife that Ty from Dewclaw made me, and his first boning knife. He used it as a prototype for his portfolio, and I use it every day cutting (raw) meat.

The Fujiwara came from Coutelier in NOLA when I was there for Mardi Gras this year. They have an outstanding selection of knives and other kitchen wares. I buy lots of things from them. Check them out.

Here's my recent chat with Jess for my show if you'd like to get to know her better: