The Sausage Stylings of Brandon Hurtado - Hurtado Barbecue

For Part Three of my deep dive into those creative souls throughout Texas and beyond that are dedicated to conjuring up unique scratch-made sausage I am featuring Brandon Hurtado from Hurtado Barbecue in Arlington, Texas. You have to look through the sausages below. I promise you'll be amazed by the quality and creativity.

I spoke with Brandon to learn more about his process and what inspired him to follow down the creative sausage rabbit hole."

"Making sausage is an incredible creative outlet for me. It keeps us on our toes and keeps us from getting complacent month over month. I love how much discipline sausage making requires and feel like there’s more artistry than science to it."

"Not every sausage we’ve made is a home run but I feel like we’re bridging the gap between traditionalists and progressive barbecue pitmasters who cook with no holds barred. Ideation. Experimentation. Implementation. These are the steps we believe in when making new sausages."

"We feature 1-2 sausages per day right now and have a house sausage that changes monthly."

I still have a ton to learn about making sausage, but the little knowledge I do have has been imparted to 3-4 of our younger employees who help make it weekly, and I think passing along the artistry and nostalgia of curing and smoking meats to other generations is perhaps more important than cooking alone."

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Below please see the sausage stylings of Brandon Hurtado:

Tamale Sausage: Braised pork, guajillo chiles, masa de harina and garlic all stuffed into a sausage casing!

Tamale Sausage

Ghost Chile Frito Pie Sausage

Ghost Chile Frito Pie Sausage

Philly Cheesesteak Sausage

Philly Cheesesteak Sausage

Jalapeño Cheddar Link

Jalapeño Cheddar Link

Beef Garlic Sausage: Prime brisket trimmings and garlic confit.

Beef Garlic Sausage

Queso Fundido Sausage:

Queso Fundido Sausage

Nacho Sausage: Packed with pork, beef, salsa verde, cheddar cheese, corn chips, and refried beans 

Nacho Sausage

Honey Bastard Sausage: Bacon marmalade, basil, mozzarella, habanero honey and soppressata salami.

Honey Bastard Sausage

Hot Links:

Hot Links

Garlicky Beef Sausage

Garlicky Beef Sausage

Thanksgiving Sausage: Glazed ham, cornbread stuffing, and sweet potato casserole all in one. Sweet and savory.

Thanksgiving Sausage