Wyatt Fields - Breakwater Barbecue - El Granada, California

In this episode I get a chance to sit down with Wyatt Fields from Breakwater Barbecue in El Granada, California which is right outside of Half Moon Bay and not too far from San Francisco.

See all things Breakwater Barbecue here: https://www.breakwaterbbq.com

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Current Hours: Friday, Saturday, & Sunday Noon - 5PM

*The goal is to get to Thursday - Sunday 11AM - 7PM

We go over his journey. He grew up in Half Moon Bay and started his restaurant career at The Chart House. He then went from being a sales rep in the surf industry to crab finishing to eventually moving back towards food, learning the ropes, and opening Native catering which did a good amount of BBQ.

We also take a look at his menu in depth. From Brisket to pulled pork to house made sausage and ribs and smoked salmon with sides that draw from the abundance of farms in the area. For dessert they are serving their take on a Texas sheet cake. While they are at 50% capacity for seating, most of their business is to-go(again you must order ahead of time online). They also sell local beer and Shiner Bock.