Alex Graf and Chris Fultz - ZZQ Texas Craft Barbeque - Richmond, VA

In this episode I reconnect with Alex Graf and Chris Fultz from ZZQ Texas Craft Barbeque - Richmond, VA. It's been almost 3 years since we last spoke a lot has happened since then.

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Hours of operation: Wednesday - Sunday 11AM - 6PM

He is Texas. She is Orange. From the beginning of the pandemic they have been overly cautious. They worked so hard to make the right choices at the right time with their crew at the top of their list for safety and overall well-being.

They are now a completely different operation than they were prior to February. They had a huge year revenue-wise and felt comfortable enough with the team to leave for Texas for a two week vacation.

They immediately shut down the operation to assess everything and have now been open with to-go only and have online ordering, which they didn't have prior. They are not serving pastrami at the moment(due to cold storage space) and serve beef ribs EVERY day.

Some fun Breaking News is that they will be bottling their sauces to hopefully begin selling in the fall. They will have three sauces: Thick, Thin, & Sassy. Also they are working on selling their rubs and their sausage for shipment nationwide.

This interview is detailed, heartfelt, and full of so much knowledge and experience. There are a lot of insights into the new normal food-wise that I was shocked to hear along with a lot of costs that consumers don't think about. A cool thing they have done is they opened up their beautiful backyard filled with trees to their customers which is essentially an urban park they can eat at.

I can't thank Alex and Chris enough for taking the time.

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