Derrick Walker - Smoke-a-Holics BBQ - Fort Worth - Interview

In this episode I have the chance to chat with Derrick Walker from Smoke-A-Holics BBQ in Fort Worth, Texas just six weeks after he opened his brick & mortar location, however he is not new to the game. He's been doing BBQ pop-ups since 2006 all while running the kitchen at a hospital. It's only 3 weeks prior to open his brick and mortar that he quit that position. He's a hustler and extremely creative. We talk about his journey, what Fort Worth was like back in the day, what he was like back in the day and about his BBQ odyssey from pop-ups, to a food trailer(from Panther City BBQ and cooker fixed up by AJ Custom Cookers) to where he is today. We talk about the menu and location in depth so you know what to get prior to visiting. Again, it's an honor that Derrick would share his story and time. You will really enjoy this.
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