Jess DeSham Timmons - Cherry Block Craft Butcher and Kitchen

In this episode I get the chance to sit down with Jess DeSham Timmons from Cherry Block Craft Butcher + Kitchen in Houston, Texas.

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Bravery Chef Hall is currently at 75% capacity and open Monday - Friday for dinner and Saturday and Sunday for lunch and dinner. They also do curbside, take out, & delivery. First off, if this interview doesn’t make you smile, I don't know what will. She has an infectious laugh and such a positive attitude that it truly gives you hope in a time that feels at times hopeless.

Jess talks about her route from Bennigan's to Landry's to Foodways Texas to Republic Country Club and BBQ to Caboose BBQ and now to her partnership at Cherry Block.

They opened July 2019 and February 2020 was their record month...then came the pandemic. Since then they essentially reopened 3 times since to pivot and adapt to the new world with COVID.

I was a fan of H.E.B. in Texas before talking Jess, but now I am a HUGE supporter. It is so interesting and moving as to what they are doing for Cherry Block(it's employees especially) and other restaurants. Cherry Block is doing 5 items(smoked ham hock gumbo, pimento cheese, Dr. Pepper short ribs set on cheese grits, marinated steak sliced with mashed and collard greens, and red beans and rice. Stay on the lookout for them in your local H.E.B. They are in the deli section(grab and go). It's the Texans Helping Texans Program.

This interview too is a GREAT primer for restaurants, especially with the safety protocols that they put in after day one. She talks too about her management style which is firm, but with compassion.

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