Jess Pryles - Hardcore Carnivore - New Interview

In this episode I catch up with Jess Pryles from Hardcore Carnivore.

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It’s been 3 years since our first interview and so much has happened since then, especially the fact that she got married a year ago . We go into detail into her background and journey to living in Texas, but it's interesting to note that she has now lived in Texas for 5 years. She had been traveling back and forth for nearly 7 years before Also, it's crazy, but understandable, that she hasn’t been able to get back to Australia this year at all to see her family because of the pandemic.

I love talking to Jess because the discuss is always so educational. Her knowledge is immense and she conveys it so well. A great portion at the end of this interview discusses her love of hunting, which is super interesting.

We also go into all of her new product(she just had the Hardcore Carnivore Black when we originally talked, which is wonderfully the #1 activated charcoal seasoning in the world).

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We also get into JKF(not JFK) which stands for 'Just Keep Flipping' and we get into her old school tried and true way called 'reverse sear' which is infallible, but takes 1-2 hours. JFK takes 15-20 minutes tops.

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Hardcore Carnivore is now it it’s 4th or 5th printing in both countries(US and Australia).

Here is my first interview with Jess 3 years ago: