Jim and Mandi Lero - Lillian's Barbecue and Catering - Fort Worth, Texas

In this episode I chat with Jim and Mandi Lero from Lillian's Barbecue and Catering in Fort Worth, Texas. Not only are Mandi and Jim some of the nicest people you know, but you can tell they are extremely passionate about putting the world of barbecue; be it putting out great BBQ to getting to know the fantastic people within the BBQ world. This chat cover the journey from Texas to Missouri and back to Texas. Along the way they grew a barbecue passion into a growing catering business which is now the BBQ trailer and BBQ business it is today. If you are thinking of going into the BBQ business(be it pop-up or catering), this interview will give you insight into what it takes and what it's really all about. Bonus: we chat with them right after their first pop-up event to see how it went and learn lesson first hand. NOTE: They are now at stationed outside of Barlow's First and Last (9710 N Crowley Rd. Crowley, Texas) every other Saturday starting October 12th.

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