Jon Flaming - North Texas Artist

Not only is Jon Flaming one of my favorite artists, but as I've gotten to know him, he's one of my favorite people too. He is kind, thoughtful, inspiring, and one of the hardest working artists I know.

jon flaming justin clemons
Photo of Jon Flaming Taken by Justin Clemons

Jon Flaming is a North Texas Artist with a very distinctive style that draws inspiration from his childhood and upbringing. He is incredibly fond of the entire state of Texas. The diversity of Texas. One of the things that makes me even more interested in his work as a collector and a fan is that even though he has a specific style. He diverges from that often and plays with many types of mediums. All of the images before the interview are from Jon.

You can see our chat here:

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There are many things that stuck with me from our conversation, but his advice (for himself which you can choose to scoop up) was to work hard at his day job in advertising, but at night, after the kids went to bed, he'd go into his studio and work on his craft. On his art.

It was not until he was solidified enough as an artist when he knew he could make a living from creating art, that he left his full-time job for art. Many people make the mistake of leaving too soon when it does lower the stress when you can have income coming in.

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I will continue to add to this, but here are pieces (and press) written about Jon.