Kimmy and Bryan Bingham - Bodacious on Mobberly - Longview, TX

In this episode I chat with Kimmy and Bryan Bingham from Bodacious on Mobberly in Longview, Texas.

Hours: Tuesday - Saturday - 11AM - 5PM

Current Seating Capacity: 50%

Curbside, Take-out, and ONLINE ordering added.

This second interview was a long time coming and wonderfully it included both Kimmy and Bryan who are not only husband and wife, but work together at Bodacious on Mobberly. We discuss in detail what the journey was that Kimmy took that led up to her leaving her hospital job to work at the bbq spot. We discuss the balance of family and home life and get in depth about relationships and how additionally difficult that is to manage during the pandemic.

We talk extensively about the menu which is relatively the same, they just a little bit less of everything now. Specials are Wednesday (Boudin),Thursday(a special sausage), Friday(whatever Bryan is in the mood for), and Saturday(pork belly or beef ribs or both). Kimmy doesn't make the sausage yet, but she does brainstorm with Bryan about new creative ideas. Lastly, Bryan and Kimmy strongly recommend supporting local businesses