Michael Fulmer - Houston BBQ Festival - Interview

In this episode I get a chance to chat with Michael Fulmer from the Houston BBQ Festival. He's someone I’ve been friends with since I first got into the BBQ world. Back when Twitter was the only game in town. Since then he has always been encouraging, generous, and helpful. Not only is he a great resource for BBQ knowledge, but he's a fantastic human who I am honored to call a friend. In this interview we go from his early years in DC to moving to Texas to going to UT to his first real taste of quality Texas Barbecue(hint: it's based in Taylor, Texas). We span his career from Pappas Bros. Steakhouse to Mark's to working for the Killen's Restaurant Group. We go into depth on how he met J.C. Reid(Barbecue Columnist for the Houston Chronicle) to starting the Houston BBQ Festival with him(and in detail about the Festival and the festivals they have created that have branched off of it).

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This year would have been the 8th year of the festival. It has been postponed until 2021.

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