Rebecca King - The Bad Jew - Interview

In this episode I get the chance to chat with Rebecca King from The Bad Jew.

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Rebecca moved to Los Angeles 3 years ago from Cleveland to do commercial real estate, but her true passion is cooking. She talks about purchasing 'On Vegetables' by Jeremy Fox and how she would go to his restaurant(seeing all of the farms listed on his menu) and used those menus to recreate dishes(by shopping at her local farmer's market). She calls this 'menu reading'.

The concept of The Bad Jew is to do pastrami and corned beef with PORK. She threw herself deeply into learning about pickling, brining, and fermenting and connected with Danny Gordon from Flatpoint Barbecue( to learn how to smoke meats(this is where I first met Rebecca who was working with Danny and his crew) Rebecca truly shows the power of hard work, hustling, and being a sponge for learning about everything she is passionate about. Be sure to stop by one of her pop-ups or a house party when that is a thing again.

Check out Melody Wine Bar( and their 'Porkstrami crushers'.