Robert F. Moss - Author - Barbecue: The History of An American Institution

In this episode I chat with Robert F. Moss, contributing barbecue editor for Souther Living Magazine about his new book, The Revised and Expanded Second Edition of Barbecue: The History of An American Institution.

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We start off with how he’s been holding up so far and get into some detailed burger talk. It's been 10 Years since the original book came out so a lot has changed in the barbecue world since 2009. The first edition focus primarily on the first golden age of barbecue in the 50's and beyond.

We talk about his first chopped pork sandwich and a bit about his history. Primarily we focus on the new book and The 'Cue Sheet which is an amazing resource that pops into your email box every Sunday(if you sign up, which you should).