Tuffy Stone - Author | Storyteller - Interview

In this episode I get a chance to sit down with Tuffy Stone.

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We talk about a myriad of things throughout the course of our chat, but note that he is extremely humble and would rather talk about anything other than himself. I do get things out of him, but it should be mentioned that he has 6 World Championships at Memphis in May, he's won the Jack 3 times, as well as the American royal and The Open. He teaches all of the world and doing these classes is his true passion. He was inducted into the BBQ Hall of Fame in 2018. His catering company, which he started with is wife in 1993 is called A Sharper Palate.

See all things(and book events) A Sharper Palate here: https://sharperpalate.com

Some of his partners: Tyson Fresh Meats, Snake Rivers Farms, Yeti and Weber. He discusses in depth his philosophy on partnerships

Additional info on The Westover: 'We have retooled The Westover and we have many additions. We have a small local market, now, where you can pickup dry goods, specialty products, cheeses, charcututerie, beers, wines, and such. We will slowly be offering in-house prepared foods. A new ice cream counter has been built and we are proud to be serving King Of Pops, Nightingale Ice Cream Sandwiches, and Gelati Celesti Ice Creams and Sorbets. We will have ice cream cones and cups, sundaes, and milk shakes. Our hours to start, will be Wednesday through Sunday 8am to 7pm. We will be serving breakfast, lunch and a limited dinner offering. We will have the espresso drinks and coffee, as we offered before we closed. We intend to grow our dinner and market offerings in time. If we can do enough business to support our costs, we will expand our hours. We just need to grow to that. Again, please have patience with is, as we reopen and work towards getting better at what we are doing.'SHOW LESS