Gabe Golub - Ricewood BBQ - Ann Arbor, Michigan - Interview

In this episode I chat with Gabe Golub from Ricewood BBQ in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They are serving central Texas style meats(brisket in particular) on rice(that is mixed with a soy/vinegar mixture). They also serve sandwiches and sides Tuesday through Saturday starting at 11AM. Gabe spent time in Texas staging at LeRoy and Lewis honing his craft and is passionate about serving incredible food on a day to day basis. In this discussion we get into his journey. From being stationed at Fort Hood to moving back and working with his brother, to their efforts with the city as they grew their business to more and more days open. It's a great story not only of hard work and dedication, but that BBQ doesn't have to be served only on a platter and only in a specific manner.

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