Tarik Sykes aka BBQ With Rik Rik

In this episode I get the chance to chat with Tarik Sykes aka "BBQ With Rik Rik"

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First off, he's just a good guy. A kind soul who is hard working and has an amazing eye for photography and video. We talk about his upbringing, all the places he lived, and what brought him to Kansas City. We especially talk about his passion for fire and grilling(some great stories here).

We talk about his connection to Tyler Harp from Harp Barbecue and his awesome Mother's Day shoot he did for Tyler and family by Tyler's 1,000 gallon smoker.

We talk about his previous projects which include work for XXL Magazine, King Magazine, Sole Collector magazine, SneakerNews.com, and Nike.

We also go into depth about how he will be doing A LOT of cooking and filming it all for his show.

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