The Sausage Stylings of Tyler Hodge - Hoodoo Brown BBQ

Have you seen the sausage that Tyler Hodge from Hoodoo Brown BBQ in Ridgefield, Connecticut is putting out? I mean, really, have you seen what he is doing? After checking out the photos below you will understand why he goes by the moniker "The Sausage King of Connecticut". It's fun to be around when someone is truly hitting their stride and Tyler is at another level at this moment.

So without further ado, please feast your eyes on the sausage stylings of Tyler Hodge (there are over 45 photos below). I guarantee you are going to say to yourself 'he did what with that?' about a dozen times AND as he puts in his Instagram posts if you head out to Hoodoo to try some sausage know that it is"As always, here till it ain’t." So get there early.

Kung Pao Chicken Sausage

Frozen Barber Stuffed Chicken Dinners Link

Mac and Sleeze Links

Chicky Chicky Parm Parm Links

Chorizo Verde

Homage to Tejas Chocolate + Barbecue Chile Relleno Links

A Pork Sausage w/Turning Point Coffee Roasters (Tanzania) Grated Ginger Garlic & Lime

Andouille- Sausage

Beef Pork Blend Smoked Bologna Pimento Cheddar Cheese Dukes Mayo Pickles Fritolay.

Beef Stroganoff Links

Brisket Boudin - Made with Coke Braised Brisket Burnt Ends Cajun Trinity White Rice & Scallions

Burnt end Beef and Broccoli Boudin

Burrito Bowl Boudin

Central Texas Hot Gut

Chicken and Sausage Gumbo Sausage
Cinnamon Toast Crunch Links

Chicken Thighs Homemade Cornbread Waffles and Hot Honey Links

Chicken Thigh Chicken Fat Bacon Lardons Muenster Cheese Russian Dressing Links

Citra Hop Sausage

Clams Casino Links

Classic New Jersey Pork Roll Egg n' Cheese

Frito Pie Sausage

Funfetti Breakfast Sausage

Handmade Ricotta Cavatelli Broccoli Rabe Fresh Garlic Calabrian Chilis Grated Melted Pecorino

Jalapeno Cheddar Links

Meatball Sando Links

PB&J Links

Mississippi Pot Roast Boudin.

Pimento Cheese Sausage Inspired by Blake Stoker

Pork Fried Rice Boudin

Pumpkin Spice Latte Links

Sage Brown Butter Apple and Gruyere CheeseSausage

Spicy Green Onion Links

Sweet Italian Sausage

Tabasco MashAndouille Links

Thai Green Curry Chicken Sausage

Togarashi Chicken Wing Sausage

Turkey Breast Bacon Sun-Dried Tomato White Cheddar Parsley Sausage