Justin Easterwood - Chef J BBQ - Kansas City, Missouri

In this episode I get the chance to sit down with Justin Easterwood from Chef J BBQ located in the historic West Bottoms area of Kansas City.

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  • HOURS: Every Saturday 11:30 - 4PM(or sold out)
  • ALSO, every first Friday weekend he's open Friday-Sunday
  • Preorders are picked up starting at 10:30

BONUS: At the very end of this interview Justin gives us a complete tour inside and out.

This is a great conversation and to be honest, it felt like I was chatting with a friend I knew for years. He's that nice and that likable. More importantly, he's INCREDIBLY passionate about BBQ and putting out great quality food each Saturday. They are at the same location as THE BEAST haunted house which is the oldest haunted house in America. He was born and raised in Kansas Cit and has worked in the restaurant business since he was 14. They started selling BBQ here in February of 2020 and then signed a lease in March. You know what happens next...the pandemic.

This didn't stop him and as I mentioned above, they are rolling through each week selling out. He's building a smokehouse for his dual firebox pit that he currently has AND a new 1,000 gallon pit he is getting made by Collin Gray from C. Gray Ironworks.

We go over the menu in depth. He has the Texas Trinity(brisket, ribs, and house-made sausage), but he also offers turkey, pork belly burnt ends and more. He offers an insane array of sandwiches all of which I want to try. The sides sound incredible as well as the desserts.