Bryan Flannery - Flannery Beef - Interview

In this episode I get a chance to talk with Bryan Flannery from Flannery Beef in Marin, California. They specialize in high quality, USDA Prime Holstein Beef.

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We go into the history of Flannery Beef. From his father being a butcher at a single butcher shop with 80 butchers to moving their operation to San Rafael where they have their aging rooms(just added a computerized aging room that sounds incredible), packing, shipping, and production. We discuss in detail how Katie built the online business and how they came to work with restaurants and their connection to the wine world(Robert Parker rates their beef at 100 points). We discuss DRY versus WET aging in detail so if you've ever wondered about that you get a quick education(you also find out which method he prefers). We talk about his transition to more of a back end roll with Katie running the operation and how they primarily use meat from Holstein cows. Again, Bryan goes into detail discussing the difference in marbling, texture, and overall flavor between Angus and Holstein(super interesting). Most importantly we discuss the care and detail that goes into every shipment, be it for the home customer online or for a restaurant. Hand cutting every order. It's remarkable and a testament to their top notch customer service. Lastly we chat about their various burger blends of which they have 3. It's important to note that while they are serving prime beef, the pricing is affordable for that price range.

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