Kyle Rensmeyer - Holy Trinity Barbecue - Portland, OR - Interview

In this episode I chat with Kyle Rensmeyer from Holy Trinity Barbecue in Portland, Oregon.

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We talk a few weeks into the shutdowns for the pandemic. He came up with a bunch of ideas to try to get food to his customers, but it ended up being just the way he had been doing and being in a food cart has it’s advantages because he was essentially grab and go. He did add the online ordering system so people can order ahead.

Some interesting things he added was Family Packs( and The Single Dad( which have really taken off.

Kyle grew up outside of Dallas and went to Texas A & M. After graduation he became an animal feed commodity trader in Round Rock, but didn't enjoy that. He moved on to work for 7/11 in their corporate division and was transferred to Portland. The thing was, Portland didn't have the BBQ he was used he started cooking on his own(and eventually selling). You may have seen his first version which was called Q PDX, but soon transitioned to Holy Trinity Barbecue and is nestled in a cart pod with 7-8 food carts in it. He talks about the great class he took from Dylan Taylor and references it several times as a place he learned a ton of about his craft, especially making sausage. During the month of May he did Sausage collabs with various carts including a Korean sausage and a pepperoni pizza sausage.

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