Blake Stoker - Blake's BBQ - Why I Love BBQ - Part 3

Why I Love BBQ - Part 3 - It's not a surprise that I love to eat barbecue. Over the past decade that I have been writing about BBQ I have had countless epiphanies, but in the end, it's really the people that make the BBQ world so special for me. That's why I am doing the 'Why I Love BBQ' ongoing piece to highlight the amazing people and positive voices within that world.

Blake Stoker from Blake's BBQ in Martin, Tennessee is one of those special people. I have gotten to know him over the last few years and although we haven't actually hung out in person, I consider him a good friend. I know that when I get a text or DM from him(day or night) it's going to include a photo of a killer slice of brisket, insane rack of ribs, or his 'fire crackers'(you can see them in one of the photos). He is ALL passion and works tirelessly to perfect his craft.

His focus on Central Texas Style BBQ grew through his frequent visits to Texas and it was only a matter of time that he started smoking brisket, ribs, and more for friends and family. That dovetailed into a small business and in turn became what he currently has, a BBQ trailer in Martin that is open Wednesday to Saturday from 11AM til sold out(and they sell out every day) selling top-notch barbecue. His sister Abbey is by his side daily at the restaurant and Blake proudly talks about his mom "elevating his sides and desserts". It's truly a family affair at Blake's BBQ. He is at work too on a brick and mortar spot(opening late this 2020/early 2021) which from what I have seen, will truly be a temple to Texas barbecue in the heart of Tennessee.

Please enjoy these photos from Blake that have inspired me and please be sure to visit him once you are able to travel to Tennessee. Most definitely follow them on Instagram HERE.

All photos take by Blake except for the one OF Blake, which was shot by Robert Jacob Lerma.

Here's my chat with Blake: